Follow your dreams…..Just do it!

 In 2010, I officially established Chabo, by just starting it up with the encouragement from my mother, who instilled in me the idea of “do what you love in life!”. 

It had taken a year of preparation and searching for the right suppliers, but eventually in 2011 the first Chabo collection was born. I went from store to store promoting and selling my brand. Those first years were all about failures and successes and how they were processed and celebrated. But above all, I learned a great deal!

 Chabo is my baby that I’ve seen grow, with cautious steps, into a full-fledged and mature brand. We have a wide collection of bags and more recently a beautiful fashion line of leather jackets. Chabo is still evolving and I can put all my passion and energy into it. But now, I don’t do it alone. I have a great and enthusiastic team of people around me.

 Chabo is first and foremost fashionable, yet basic. We search for this balance in every collection we create; the perfect combination. Besides fashion design, there is also an eye for sustainability, both in the product and the relationship we enter into with our partners. We only work with certified suppliers who have an eye and respect for the environment and living and working conditions in India and Indonesia.

 Many thanks to all Chabo dealers at home and abroad, Chabo fans and enthusiasts for the past 10 years. Thanks in part to you, Chabo has grown up! Full of energy and confidence we are looking forward to the next anniversary. Cheers!

Chabo means “friend”, we hope you’ll find yours in our collection!

With love,